Saturday, 1 December 2012


hello fellas on the first December. well its December :) the end month of the year! happy? no im not, me the 96 line will facing a war next year. Oh ! Its Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. sad? im not too. 2012 will left me with 1001 bitter sweet memories with family, friends, teachers and also strangers not forgeting my ENEMY. #DecemberWish is on trends now. my wish ? *puzzled* i have a lot of wishes which me myself couldnt handle it at all and make it wish come true. i mean it! because its a WOW wishes -___-

i'll talk about wishes for the next year entry :) *baru ada ong! bak kata org cina* i just cant imagine how my Christmas will turn on without "them" i mean my cuzzies. Lisa just told me that she will back for holidays on January :'( Fazel, she's in Food Institute of Malaysia now. No holidays. so? im forever loner on Christmas hoping Santa gave me a present box! Haha :3 Christmas carol will start on 6th December ! Should i go? *speechless* 

so, a-coming-soon Merry Christmas you all ! 

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